2018 Adventures with Kitesafe.de!

2018 Adventures with Kitesafe.de!

The awesome team at Kitesafe.de (http://kitesafe.de) arrived last February for their annual 2
month stay filled with kitesurfing courses and Lahami adventures.
This year’s journey brought them endless windy days along with snorkeling with dolphins, a
quad bike desert tour and tea with the local Ababda tribe under the stars, and a super special
Manta Ray moment.
We love having kite guru Mr. Thilo Voges and his lovely Susanne Färber along with their
students and friends every year.
See you in 2019!

Snorkeling with Dolphins at Satayah Reef by Thilo Voges

Timelapse Video by Thilo Voges

Lahami Video by Torben Michels from Kiteboarding Cologne

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