When there’s no wind, Wadi Lahami offers a variety of different activities to be enjoyed. They can all be arranged upon arrival except for diving which has to be booked in advance through Red Sea Diving Safari (RSDS) as shown below.


Snorkeling is definitely the most enjoyable activity above the spectrum of colors just under these waters. The bays, reef walls and of-shore reefs along the coastline are some of the most pristine underwater habitats in the world. It’s very common to run into turtles, reef sharks, or dolphins anywhere along the coastline. The sheltered, generally shallow reefs of the Fury Shoals provide rewarding snorkelling opportunities due to the virgin condition of the coral and marine life. Excursions are available by high speed RIB to explore the of-shore reefs in the area. One of the most popular snorkelling excursions is to Satayah Reef (Dolphin Reef), approximately 45 minutes from Wadi Lahami, where spinner dolphins are frequently found resting in the shallow lagoon.


The diving program of Red Sea Diving Safari is designed to accommodate any level diver from beginner to advanced. The diving package in Wadi Lahami is designed for maximum enjoyment in the famous area of the Fury Shoals. Dives are done using high-performance RIB (ridged inflatable boats) only.
Classic Diving Program: Includes 4 dives per day: 2 guided dives to the Fury Shoals to Zone 2 + 1 unguided afternoon dive to Zone 1 + 1 unguided night dive on the fringing reef Torfa per day.
Optional on-site: Satayah Excursions (optional & to be paid on site/min. 4 pax for snorkel trips by speed-boat to Dolphin Reef)
From Wadi Lahami we cover over 30 different dive sites, which include Shaab Maksour (drop of reef like Elphinstone further North with the chance to see sharks and an arch in 38m), Satayah (Dolphin Reef – big lagoon as home of spinner
dolphins), Abu Galawa (wreck & coral-pool dive), Shaab Claudia (cave dive), and many others. This region is known as the Fury Shoals and is home to an enormous reef complex which offers various types of diving including a cave diving spot as well as 4 different wreck dive sites. The hard corals which make up the reef topography of the Fury Shoals are believed to be the one of best examples in the world.


Wadi Lahami Village is situated next to a protected mangrove area which boasts one of the best areas for birding (“bird watching”) along the Red Sea coast. Many waders and shore birds roost and nest close by the mangrove swamps. These include the white heron, night heron, striated heron an sometimes the spoonbill. The sooty falcon is a possible visitor in the summer, and of course not to forget the magnificent ospreys which are nesting here. In summer, the white-eyed gull can easily be seen, as well as the white-cheeked and the Caspian tern. The gull is special as its breeding range is restricted to the Red Sea. In fall and spring thousands of small birds like swallows, stone chats, pipits, wagtails and kingfisher can be seen.


The Eastern Desert of Egypt; a mystical terrain of unexplored desert, mountains and valleys. This expanse of rocks, sand and occasional vegetation has witnessed the rise and fall of many ancient civilizations over the centuries.
We offer our guests stunning trips to the desert through a partner company on site. Experience a cultural tour with our native Bedouin the “Ababda” or a historic tour to visit one of the various ancient ruins and temples in the region for a truly unforgettable experience.
You can choose between camel/horse or 4×4 quad bikes and go on sunset tours, star gazing tours and spend magical moments exploring the desert along the coastline of the south