Wadi Lahami Kitesurfing Center offers lessons for beginners, intermediate riders looking to progress, and advanced riders looking for specific training. We have IKO certified instructors that speak English, German and Arabic.


Going into your lesson, the most important thing to understand is that you will not be jumping 30 feet into the air and shredding waves by the end of the day.
Kitesurfing has a very steep learning curve at the beginning, so you will be learning a lot and improving very quickly, but expect your first days to be humbling. Most lessons can be broken down into three sections:

Beach Talk: Almost every beginning kitesurfing lesson begins with a talk on land, as there is a lot of information that should be passed on to the student before you touch a kite. Topics generally include the wind window, weather, local conditions, choosing a beach, basics of kitesurfing and most importantly, safety.

Basic Kite Skills: After the beach talk, you will learn how to rig, launch, and fly a kite. You will start of with small kites, which teach you the basics of kite flying. You will be learning some basics with the kite here, but not playing with the full power that can be generated. That comes in the next step.

Water Time: The first few times you go in the water with the kite, you will not be taking a board with you. This step is unceremoniously called body dragging. This allows you to focus on learning to fly the kite without the complication of learning to ride the board at the same time. In this step you will work on relaunching the kite and improving your kite flying skills and power control. Once you can body drag with a great deal of control, you are ready to try the board.
At the end of your lesson, you will talk with your instructor about what you did well on and what you still need to work on. If you are still excited about the sport after a long day or many days on the water, you are on the path to becoming a kiteboarder.

Wadi Lahami Kitesurfing Center allows certified instructors to teach their students using our facility. Please contact us for more information (teaching fee applies).

Kitesurfing Lessons


2 Hours


8 Hours


12 Hours


1 Hour

You have taken a basic course some time ago. Here we refresh you on all your skills, riding upwind, self rescue etc. We go step by step through all safety of launching and landing your kite, plus how to self launch and self land your kite.


1 Hour

This option can be taken as a standalone option or on top of a kite course. 

Your own Instructor is helping you to reach your personal targets.  Everything is possible!

Special group prices are available for 2-4 participants

All course prices include certification fees

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